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DevOps On AWS

Rapidly evolving customer needs and accelerating innovations are forcing businesses to be increasingly agile. To facilitate overall business goals, time to market is the key. More..

Performance Testing in Agile Process

In many web or cloud applications, performance testing is critical part of application testing since it effects business revenue, credibility and customer satisfaction. Conventional software development. More..

HTML For Mobile App Development

The rate at which the mobile app market is growing reflects the important role it plays in the communication space. Statistics show that mobility is the primary way people are interacting.. More..

Angular JS

Web is changing fast the old methodologies are being challenged and are becoming irrelevant and new technologies are constantly being evolved, thriving to become better.. More..

HTML5 Handling Security Issues

Lots of key Technologies are emerging in the market every day and with these latest technological advancements come the latest security threats. it is common for any new technology.. More..

Migrating to HTML5

In the fast paced world of application developments. a superior quality product with speed to market is the key to achieve and sustain success to keep the pace with the ever evolving.. More..

Application Security Testing

Application security is the use of hardware, software and procedural methods in order to protect application from internal or external threats, as more and more applications are.. More..

Test Performance Indicators

Well defined test performance indicators supports decision making by managment and also provide a methodical approach to assess the efficiency and effectiveness. More..

Testing Centre of Excellence(TCoE)

In Today's business environment, organizations are facing challenges with shrinking budgets and increased cost pressure. project teams are expected to .. More..

Mobile Application Security Testing

Application development has come a long way in last two decades ,but it is puzzling to see that despite major security breaches ,security testing takes.. More..