Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Idexcel offers machine learning consulting that brings modern machine learning tools to your organization. Our consultants can help you to:

  • Detect anomalies in your business processes and operations using intelligent machine learning algorithms.
  • Leverage our artificial intelligence development skills to build adaptive, intelligent IOT products.
  • Use recent advances in deep learning and neural networks to find structure in noisy and complex data sources
  • Risk Modeling for financial institutions

Artificial Intelligence

Idexcel Consultants will help you to accelerate the development of AI solutions. We will work with you to recommend preferred approaches and adapt them to your targeted scenario to achieve maximum productivity and reliability.

Idexcel has helped companies to:

  • Adapt AI to exploit the combination of human and machine intelligence.
  • Develop automation strategies to use self-learning and self-governing machines for competitive advantage.
  • Create new and disruptive business opportunities using the power of AI
  • Accurately measure the return on your AI investments

Statistical / Predictive Modelling

Idexcel’s predictive analytic service helps organizations solve complex issues that enable them to make decisions based on facts that enhance value. Idexcel has years of experience in the analytics and business performance management area, Our services range from software selection to implementation.

We believe that the power of technology combined with new processes will give our customers better analytic capabilities and a better understanding of key performance indicators. Our service model helps customers to better understand the solutions developed for them and how to maintain them in the future.

Enable Computers to Act without Being Explicitly Programmed

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