Security and Compliance

Security / Compliance

Once your operations are migrated to the cloud, you need to ensure that the data is securely locked away from prying eyes or an intrusion away from becoming public material. Whether customers are entrusting you with their personal information or you are storing sensitive corporate material, Idexcel can ensure the highest level of cloud-powered security solutions with Amazon Web Services.

  • Idexcel’s team can help to safeguard your data by establishing essential services are in place, such as network firewalls protecting your Amazon Web Services cloud, web application firewalls protocols for privacy control, and enterprise-level encryption for data in transit or at rest.
  • Idexcel provides you with a team of industry expert cloud architects who can produce assessment reports on current server vulnerabilities or note if your practices have deviated from those more secure.
  • Idexcel can analyze and determine the correct layers of security needed, scaling them as your project and security needs change over time.
  • Idexcel consultants have extensive knowledge working with clients who require HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and FEDRAMP compliances for their business environment and can ensure that your organization complies with the proper standards and regulations.
  • By ensuring that your applications are using services such as Amazon Web Services CloudTrail, Idexcel can make certain that you know exactly how your data is being accessed.
  • Once security precautions have been carefully tailored to your project specifications, Idexcel can assist with security testing through Amazon Web Services.

Idexcel will show you how compliances and best practices can keep your applications and data safe.


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