Managed Services

Managed Services

Idexcel provides Managed Services for your AWS Infrastructure and identified applications running in the AWS Cloud and we utilize AWS tools and a global workforce to ensure system availability, performance, and fast problem resolution.

Getting your Amazon Web Service infrastructure up and running is only the first leg of your journey to a highly efficient and adaptable digital workflow. Once the Idexcel team has strategized a cost-efficient technology stack and your services have been deployed, it is time to manage your configuration, ensure reliability, and maintain ongoing efficiency.

  • Idexcel has trained and certified cloud architects dedicated to monitoring your system during its entire lifecycle.
  • We ensure that your implementation maintains an enterprise-level of security while keeping alert for any parameters outside of their usual bounds.
  • We ensure that your infrastructure stays in line with HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and FEDRAMP security compliances with a watchful team of trained eyes.
  • Idexcel provides one-on-one around the clock support to make sure that when you need help, we are there.

Stringent administration and monitoring are at the root of maintaining your operational integrity, but continuous performance testing and tuning can also be performed by the Idexcel team to make sure you are maximizing your backend at the lowest possible cost.

When you have a team of experts monitoring your services, cost optimization never stops - as Amazon Web Service continues to evolve, know that Idexcel will be persistently keeping an eye on the latest strategies to produce the most cost-efficient solutions for your business. Whether you are well versed in cloud operations or are just getting started, Idexcel’s team of accredited cloud architects can design and implement a custom cloud strategy for your needs with Amazon Web Services.


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