Cloud Native Development

Cloud Native Development

Develop and deploy your applications to the cloud with the help of Idexcel’s industry-leading consulting team. Whether you have a collection of existing applications or are looking to implement your first, our team can architect the ultimate solution with the reliability and scaling capabilities of Amazon Web Services.

  • With Amazon Web Services and the help of the Idexcel team, your applications can take advantage of unparalleled storage, enterprise-level security, and the elasticity of cloud-based computing.
  • Idexcel can ensure your backend is fast, reliable, and efficient, it doesn’t matter whether you want to offload your application content and data directly to the cloud as a native application or develop hybrid solutions that leverage both Amazon Web Services and your existing data centers.
  • Idexcel can assist in moving your applications’ Oracle or SQL based systems to the cloud. If you have Terabytes, or even Petabytes, of data that need to be quickly transferred Idexcel can employ Amazon Web Services RedShift and Import/Export services to transfer information physically.
  • Idexcel can identify the best server tiers dependent upon your application load. With automatic load scaling solutions, your operations can be scaled back during off-peak hours - increasing your ROI.

Leverage the power of Amazon Web Services to make your on-premise solutions even better. Offload analytical and processing data to the cloud for more efficiency or ensure your local solutions are backed up and supported by disaster recovery solutions. The Idexcel team can develop leading strategies to ensure your native and hybrid operations run smoothly in the cloud.

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